Friday, January 29, 2010


My girlfriend is a horrible driver. I'm not joking. I fear for my life every time I step into a moving vehicle with her. She made an interesting statement today while we were driving to grab some pizza for dinner. After almost hitting two fire hydrants, a building, and three senior citizens, I decided I'd fill her in on the fact that that she was one of the worst drivers I have ever seen. "Matt, I'm a good driver! I haven't crashed in almost a year!" I'm no rocket scientist, but I don't feel that this makes you a good driver. That's kind of like a doctor talking to you before surgery and saying, "I'm a great doctor. I haven't killed anybody in at least six months." I'd probably look for a new doctor, just like I might start taking a cab to dinner.


  1. you know just hanging out in Peabody browsin through this blog that you have goin. Good Stuff. I know we havent talked in ages, but i did see Jacko a few times since the gym, pushin weight hahaha. There was nothing like that old red Nissan Altima taking us to practice. I remember that random stuff liked to fly out of the vents when you turned the A/C, Heat on.

  2. OMG and i just remembered that they had chrome hub caps!!!! haha

  3. I'm not hating on it. Just stating the facts. haha. May she rest in peace.