Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was speaking to a Yankees fan yesterday and he was talking about the old Yankee Stadium and what a great place it was to go and watch a ballgame. I have had the opportunity to watch dozens of games at Fenway Park, and as many of you know that live in this area or have seen a game know it is a really unique experience. While I have played in and seen games in hundreds of stadiums during my life I was wondering which stadium you guys think is the greatest ball park in the country? I never had the chance to watch a game at Yankee Stadium, something I really wish I had the chance to do.

There are also a ton of big league parks I wish I could watch or play in throughout the country. Wrigley Field is one place I would love to go to. Whenever the Cubs are playing on TV it looks like more of a party than a baseball game. I imagine it would be an awesome place to take in a game. I was wondering which stadium you guys think is the greatest place to watch a baseball game at. It doesn't have to be a Major League stadium either. I have been to a bunch of minor league and college stadiums where although they might not hold 30,000 or more people they still have a really awesome atmosphere.


  1. Best place 2 take in a game? Well taking it from the field and the stands are two diff experiences. I can only say fenway, but I would like 2 know your fav. venue.
    K. dele

  2. Very true, playing in a game and watching one is very different. I've only watched a game in a few stadiums but for me it is Fenway. Playing wise I have also only played in a few but Dodger Stadium was massive and really loud. Crazy place to play.

  3. Old Yankee Stadium was ok. Stadium itself was garbage. Pain to get to and a pain to get out of. Fenway is awesome. Wrigley is cool but like you said, a bit more of a party than anything else. The Cell (White Sox) is surprisingly good. Good atmosphere.

    I also enjoy Petco.

  4. Yeah I wish I had a chance to see a game at the Old Yankee Stadium. Petco is a really great place. Everything about the place just feels really nice and new. I guess it could be cause Fenway is so damn old lol.