Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OK, so the correct answer for what jersey number I wore in high school football is #18. Pretty much everyone either guessed 18 or 6, so you guys are good. It is funny how many people said it was a trick question and the answer is 6. I guess I was interviewed last year and said I wore 6 in every sport, but I guess I was lying that day. Congrats to the winner Zachary Wolfe from Rancho Santa Fe, California. I'm going to start asking a new question every few weeks because of how many people sent answers to my e-mail today. You guys can write me an e-mail or leave a comment under the blog post letting me know what types of prizes would be cool to win. It has to be something that is easy for me to mail. Thanks again to everyone who e-mailed in and good luck next week.
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