Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Who will win Monday Night Football's Patriots vs. Saints game?

New England Patriots
8 (66%)
New Orleans Saints
4 (33%)

Votes so far: 12 Poll closed

Ouch! I definitely didn't see this one coming. I figured it would be a close game and the Pats would come away with the hard earned win. Boy was I wrong. The Saints are good. The Saints are really good. The Pats didn't look good at all, but I think it was more of how well the Saints played and not so much about how bad the Pats did. Everyone knows that Drew Brees is a great quarterback and the Saints have more weapons than just about every team in the league, but I thought the Pats could at least find a way to slow them down a little bit. Everything came so easy to them. Guys were running all over the field wide open, and when they decided to run the ball their backs ran really hard. Somehow their defense figured out a way to take Moss and Welker totally out of the game. I've seen teams take Moss away and let Welker catch 15 balls, or take Wes away and let Randy go for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns, but I've never seen them both get shut down on the same night. They not only covered well but they got pressure on Brady all night. Anyways, congrats to the Saints. I've seen both the Vikings and the Saints play now and I have to go with the Saints. I think they are coming out of the NFC and I'm hoping the Pats can get it all straightened out before playoff time.


  1. Chargers and Saints, Rivers vs Brees in the Super Bowl Matt!

  2. Haha I don't know, the Chargers are looking really good the last few weeks but I'm not completely sold on that defense. They do look better than my Pats though. We may be seeing eachother in the playoffs, in New England though not San Diego lol.