Friday, December 25, 2009


Quinn from Massachusetts asks:

Matt, I saw you were drafted out of high school. Why did you decide to go to college instead of turning pro?

Thanks for the question Quinn. I did get drafted out of high school to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Believe me, when I got drafted the first thing I thought was that I wanted to take the offer and play professional baseball. Playing pro ball was something I was working hard towards for a few years, so when I had an opportunity to go play it was really exciting. Before I could make a decision though, I needed to make sure I looked at all the facts and made the right choice.

Although I had always wanted to play professional baseball, I had always seen myself going to college and getting my degree. I had a scholarship to go play baseball at Wake Forest University, a very good academic and athletic school so I had a tough decision to make. I spoke with my agent and told him what I was thinking in regards to my decision. I told him that if the Dodgers would offer me $250,000 I would really have to think hard about my decision. It turned out that they would not offer me the amount I was asking for, so I decided to go to college.

Looking back, I am not sure I would have signed if the Dodgers had made the offer I was looking for. Turning down a college scholarship to play in the ACC, something I had always wanted to do, would have been extremely tough. The way I looked at it, I could go to college, get my degree, play college baseball, and get drafted again in a few years, hopefully even higher than I had been out of high school. I am glad I made the decision I made. I was able to play some exciting baseball and become friends with a lot of great people down at Wake Forest.

I think playing college baseball helped prepare me for professional baseball. I had the opportunity to play in the Cape Cod League during my summers, another really great experience. And after it was all said and done, I was drafted 18 rounds higher after my three years of college. I haven't had a chance to receive my college degree yet because I left school after my Junior year. At some point I would like to return to school and get it.

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