Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Craig from Illinois asks:

What are the living arrangement like when you are playing in the minor leagues?

Hey Craig thanks for the question. Depending on what team you play for and what league you are playing in, the living arrangements can be very different. My first year in the minor leagues I played in the Northwest League in Eugene, Oregon. I lived in a hotel that was about five minutes from our field. It was a very tiny hotel room and I even had a roommate. There were two beds in the room and a tiny TV and that is about it. I bought a bike to ride to the field since we didn't have any cars to get around.

I got moved up after two months and was sent to the Midwest League in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There I lived in an apartment that was located on a golf course. The apartment wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but after living in a hotel for two straight months I thought I had a penthouse apartment at the Ritz. I had two roommates in a two bedroom apartment, so one of my roommates slept in the living room on the sofa. The guy was 6'6'' and almost 300 pounds. Why he wanted to sleep on the sofa, I don't know, but he enjoyed it and I had my own room so I wasn't going to complain.

The next season I was sent to the California League in Lake Elsinore, California. There I stayed with a host family. Out of all the places I have stayed to date, this was by far the best. I stayed with a great family less than ten minutes away from the field. I couldn't have asked for better host parents, as they turned out being my home away from home. I still see them every Spring Training and stay in touch throughout the off-season. After three months I was moved to San Antonio, Texas where I once again moved into an apartment, this time I only had one roommate. The place was really nice, but it was almost thirty minutes from the field. That turns out being a pretty big pain when you are driving that far back and forth every single day of the week.

The next year I played in Portland, Oregon, where I again had a roommate in an apartment. When I got called up to San Diego I lived in a hotel downtown. It was really nice to have my place be so close to the stadium and also have so many restaurants within walking distance. This past year I lived in an apartment again, but instead stayed by myself since I missed almost two months at the beginning of the season. The apartment was kind of old and not the greatest, but it was literally a stone throw away from the park which turned out great.

As you an see, I have lived pretty much every way possible. One thing about playing baseball is you learn how to adapt to your surroundings, which are always changing and find a way to make the best of it.
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