Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am really tired. I might actually fall asleep while I'm writing this. I just got back from a workout at Catz and it really kicked my butt. I usually work out every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, using Wednesday as a much needed day of rest and relaxation. This Friday I am flying out to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend a teammates wedding, so my workout schedule got changed to Monday through Thursday. I still have one more day to go tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. I guess it will feel really nice when tomorrow is over and I know I have the whole weekend to relax in the sun of Arizona.

Anyways, I am still upset about Sunday's Pats loss to the Dolphins. I made so many bets with everyone I possibly could during the baseball season that the Pats would be unbelievable just like they were in 2007. I was wrong I'll admit it. Spring Training is definitely not going to be fun with all the money I'll have to dish out to free dinners because of it. I bet as many people as I could that the Patriots would have a better record at the end of the year than the Chargers. Most of the guys in our organization are obviously Chargers fans, so I thought my bet would be money. I think I owe like 7 people free dinners when I get there. I told them when I made the bet, "Don't forget McDonald's is not a restaurant!" I wish I could take that back now.

I went hitting yesterday and made it through a whole session without my hands bleeding like the first time around. My swing feels really good for it being only my second time hitting. I am pretty excited. This Saturday I went into Boston to buy a shirt and tie for this wedding I am going to. It was a crappy day out with some snow so I figured I would be the only person in the city shopping. I was definitely wrong. The place was packed. I took my dad's truck in because my car can't drive in the snow and it ended up backfiring. I am a horrible parallel parker as it is, but with his truck there was no chance I could fit into some of the small parking spots. I ended up circling the city like five times before I decided to find a parking garage and pay the outrageous cost. I ended up buying a black shirt and a black tie to go with my black suit. My favorite color for clothes as you can probably tell is black, but I am not sure if maybe I went a little overboard.

The one bad part about not being home this weekend is that I'm going to have to go look for a bar to watch the Pats game. I usually watch at a place called The Moon, which is right across the street from our Spring Training facility. I'm thinking I'll be watching it over there again. I have a big day on Sunday. Not only are the Pats now playing for their playoff lives, but my fantasy football playoffs start. I need to win this thing so I at least have some bragging rights when I get back to Spring Training. Well, I got to go start packing for this trip. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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