Monday, January 4, 2010


I found this video on my video camera a few days ago. It was shot during the summer after my sophomore year at Wake Forest. After my freshman and sophomore years I was fortunate enough to play in the Cape Cod League for the Falmouth Commodores. I hope that anyone who plays college baseball is able to spend a year playing down the Cape. It really is a great time and an awesome learning experience. This video is of a workout I did at Fenway Park. Every year they choose a few guys to do a workout for the Red Sox. The day turned out great for me. My uncle bet me $100 to hit a ball over the monster. You can hear them laughing after I hit one over. Also, check out how tight my pants are. I have no idea how I squeezed myself into those things or why I thought they were comfortable. It looks like I painted pin-stripes straight onto my legs.

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