Friday, November 13, 2009


If you have ever watched the television show 1st and 10 on ESPN for more than ten minutes, you know that Skip Bayless is completely off his rocker. Since it's the off-season and my days are nothing but completely boring, I’m stuck watching the same three channels all morning long. I just can't stand seeing this guy talk sports anymore. I know on radio and television sports shows you need someone to get listeners and viewers fired up. Sometimes they say things that are completely nuts so you call into the show or tune in day after day and scream at the televion like I do. I was watching yesterday when he said he would rather have the three running backs from the Dallas Cowboys than Adrian Peterson. He said that Marion Barber is a tougher runner than A.D., Felix Jones is a more explosive runner, and Tashard Choice runs better between the tackles. I'm sorry but you've got to be an absolute moron to make this statement. Peterson has the shiftiness of a Barry Sanders, the toughness of a Walter Payton, and the speed of a Bo Jackson, and last time I checked those three guys are a little better than the Dallas trio. This isn't even the issue that makes me the angriest. The guy is constantly calling Lebron James "Prince James" because he doesn't feel he is worthy of his "King James" title. I'm sorry to inform Skip, but other than Kobe Bryant, who has seven years of experience over him, Lebron is the greatest basketball player on the planet, and he's only 24! The guy does whatever he wants on and off the court. If he were alive in the 70's he would have saved John Connor in Terminator, traveled the jungles of Vietnam in Rambo First Blood, and beat down the Russian in Rocky IV. Plain and simple the guy is a freak of nature. No 6'8'' 260 pound human being should be able to run, jump, handle the ball, and shoot like this guy. He hasn't won a championship yet, but Jordan didn't win his first one until he was 28. He's going to win a bunch of NBA championships before it’s all said and done, and he's going to be doing his thing for another 15 years. I just hope Skip says the things he does because he was told to stir the pot, because if he really believes what he says, I might have to send in my application to ESPN.
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