Monday, November 9, 2009


The economy stinks. The unemployment rate seems to rise every month. Its a tough time to find a job or even get an interview. But what happens when you are lucky enough to get to the interview process? If you're Turtle you come up with a story for the ages. Turtle, freshly home from graduating college, made it to the second interview for an office supplies sales job. For this interview, the manager of the company decided to take him on the road and show him a typical day in the wonderful world of a salesman. While on the way to one of their stops, the manager asked Turtle to tell her a story. How would you impress your possible future boss? Maybe with a story about excelling at your prior place of employment? Well that wasn't good enough for Turtle. He was in rare form this day. Instead of choosing a story about how he was fortunate enough to have an internship working with Rafael Nadal, one of the top athletes in the world, Turtle decided he could do one better. He chose to share his story about the time back in high school when his baseball team made a $50 bet with a teammate that he wouldn't eat a piece of dog crap. Turtle strikes again! Surprisingly, instead of immediately kicking turtle out of the car, she allows him to finish the whole story. Even more surprisingly, she actually offers Turtle the job on the spot. Turtle's moral of the story when attempting to score a new job: Don't try to impress someone with a glorified story about prior work experience. A shit story always wins.
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