Monday, November 30, 2009


Nick from Massachusetts asks:

Hey Matt. I would love to see you answer some more difficult questions like, do you invest your own money in the stock market? I see from your interests that you watch Mad Money and go to Do you trade stocks and if so what stocks do you like right now?

Thanks for the question Nick. This is the first non-baseball related question I have received, so I think it is a good idea to throw it on here to mix things up. As far as investing goes, it is something I have really become interested in over the last year and a half or so. About two years ago the only thing I knew about a stock was that people invest in them. Other than that I had no clue how to go about doing so, or how the stock market actually worked. After getting drafted in 2006 I hired a financial advisor to help me deal with some of these types of financial issues because I was so unfamiliar with them. He helped in giving me a general idea about stocks and let me know that I should start gaining a better understanding for them because they would be something I would be dealing with if I planned on investing in the future. During my first season in Triple A I really got hooked on learning as much as I could about the topic. I began learning by watching television shows on CNBC like Mad Money and Fast Money. I also started reading different websites like Over the last year or so I have read about 10 books on investing and it remains something I try to follow and learn about everyday. A lot of people that have a financial advisor like to just turn their money over to them and let them handle everything, but I feel that if I am going to invest I want to know what I am investing in. As far as my investing goes, my financial advisor takes care of most of my stocks and bonds. I can't really get into everything I own, but generally speaking I invest mostly in large cap, blue chip companies, but there is also some other stuff to keep my portfolio diversified.
If I had to pick one stock for you it would be Apple. It has been one of my favorite stocks since I began investing and it still remains that way.
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