Monday, November 23, 2009


Brian in California asks:

What do the players talk about in the dugout – is it all serious or pretty casual?

Thanks for writing Brian. I get this question a lot from friends and family so I'm glad you asked. I think you would be very surprised if you put a microphone on all the players in baseball and got to hear what they talk about during a game. I would say that most of the talk that goes on during a game is on the casual side, but it is different for every player. There are some players that are really intense during the game and don't like to joke around very much. Starting pitchers for the most part are like this, although there are always exceptions to the rules. They only get to play once every five games, so when they are out there they usually always mean business. There are also some guys that don't seem to take anything serious and are always joking, particularly the position players. As far as myself, I like to keep things on the lighter side. Most of the stuff I am talking about during the game is the kind of talk you would expect to hear on your lunch break in the coffee room or around the water cooler. (I've never worked in an office before, but this is where I image people talking with each other about what goes on during their day). I am at a baseball field for ten hours a day and If I talked about nothing but baseball all day long I think I would go insane. I talk about all types of things, like where I went to eat the night before, what I did before I came to the field, what I'm going to do after the game, even what video games I've been playing on XBOX. We talk about each other's families, girlfriends, and wives, about football, basketball, and hockey, and almost any other thing you can think of. There really isn't anything I don't or wouldn't talk about during a game. I like to stay loose during the game because I think it helps me play better, and talking about everyday life is a good way to get that accomplished. With all that being said, there also is a lot of serious talk going on throughout a game. Even when I am joking around with the guys I am always focused on the action. I need to know how a pitcher is throwing certain guys so I can try to figure out how he is going to attack me when it's my turn to hit. When I am on deck or within two or three hitters I really start to get zoned in. In the end I always try to remember that although it is our job, at the end of the day we are playing a kid's game and you've got to keep it fun.

My friend and roommate Wade LeBlanc and me talking in the dugout prior to a game in L.A.


  1. That's an awesome shot of you and Wade. He really made a turnaround this season. Looking for some great things from you this coming year! Good luck!

  2. Wow Matt didn't know you were writing. I really hope to see you starting at 2B for the Padres in the future. Keep up the good work.