Saturday, November 21, 2009


On Friday night I got a chance to head into Boston with my girlfriend and a few friends to watch the Celtics play the Atlanta Hawks. Although the final score didn't turn out the way I or the team was hoping for, it was still a great experience. Celtics games don't even feel like games anymore. They feel more like events or parties. The place is sold out every night, very different from what games were like a few years ago before the "Big Three" were brought together. Kevin Garnett has quickly become one of my favorite players in the game. It's unfortunate he played so many years in a small market basketball town where I didn't get to see a whole lot of him on national T.V. They were never able to put a great team around him, expect for for 2003 season when he lead them to the Western Conference Playoffs. The guy has single handily returned the Celtic's franchise to a level of dominance not seen since the early 80's. Anyone that has been to or seen a game in the last two years can see that the team and the new Boston Garden has taken on his personality. I love the way he is constantly yelling and pounding his chest raising the intensity of his teammates and fans. I've never seen a single player have this type of effect. As I sat in the stands I wished the atmosphere at a baseball game could somehow resemble that of basketball game. It would add an element to the game that is only really present in post season play. I'd love to try and take a page out of Garnett's book, the way he slams his head into the pad underneath the basket a few seconds before tip off, or skips to the side of the court and yells at the fans to get them to stand up and get excited. I think If I tried something like that before the first pitch of our games someone would call the police and then a shrink. I still think it might be worth trying.

Laura and me a few minutes before tip-off

My favorite part of a Celtics game...Introductions

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  1. Nice, Matt. My first C's game with my dad was against the Hawks at the old Garden. I remember thinking how much of an old barn it was, which was crazy considering that I thought Fenway was a palace. This is around '95 or so. Dominique Wilkins... gosh can't remember if he was playing for us or them??? Anyway, good times.