Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey, what's up everyone? Since I'll probably be really busy tomorrow and won't have time to write anything I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Over the last week or so my schedule has been pretty low key. I have been working out in Needham, Mass, at Catz pretty much every morning. The workouts have been going really well and my body is feeling great. I have only been training for about a month and I can already feel my strength and speed really increasing. I plan on starting to hit and field again next week after I give my body a few days to digest all the turkey I'm going to eat this week. For anyone that lives around the Boston area you've got to try out the restaurant 75 Chestnut. I went there this weekend for the first time and it was excellent. It's a small place that's fancy but not over the top with great food. If you are around the city I really suggest you try it out before it gets too cold in the next month or so. On Sunday I watched the Pats beat up on the Jets. It's always nice to put a beating on the Jets, but it's even better now that Rex Ryan is their coach. I think the guy is a good defensive coach and once Sanchez gets a little more experience under his belt they will be pretty good, but the guy talks a ton of smack and its nice to see him have to shut up once and a while. I loved watching Rex get pissed when Brady threw a deep pass to Moss winning by 17 with almost no time left on the clock. I can't wait for next Monday night's game against the Saints. It should be a great game with tons of points being scored. I'm putting my money on the Pats, but then again I always do. On Thanksgiving morning I'll be heading to my old high school St. John's Prep to watch them play in their final football game of the season against the Xaverian Hawks. If we win we will finish tied for 1st in the Catholic Conference and have a chance to go to the playoffs. After the game we will be heading to my aunt and uncle's house for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It should be a really good day of football and lots of food. I love any day that has either one of those two things involved.
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