Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'm sitting in my extremely luxurious and spacious La Quinta Inn hotel room watching the Minnesota Twins play the Detroit Tigers on my 46 inch high definition t.v. Actually, my roommate and I are still cramped in our one person bedroom with our 19 inch hazy television. You don't realize how great HD television is, especially for watching sporting events, until your forced to watch a game on a hotel t.v. Anyways, what a game this is, with both teams battling back and forth for twelve very long innings. It reminds me of watching one of my favorite sports movies, Rocky IV, where the Italian Stallion and Ivan Drago trade punch for punch until Rock knocks out the Russian in the last round. The thing that amazes me is how each team continues to deliver when its back is against the wall. The Twins were facing a one run deficit in the bottom of the 7th and in the bottom of the 10th, and both times found a way to tie the score. It is nice to see a small market team like the Twins, who aren't afforded the luxury of being able to spend as much money as teams like Boston and New York, continue to be successful year after year. It really speaks volumes to the importance of developing players within your organization, and also confirms the idea that you don't always need the best players to win, you just need the right players. Being a small market team, most people have not seen the Twins play very much on national television, but I am looking forward to watching them play the Yankees tomorrow night in Game One of the playoffs. Any baseball fan that wants to learn a little more about the game should tune in and watch how the Twins play the game.
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