Thursday, October 22, 2009


Every baseball player in the world that has ever even looked at a golf club has heard someone say, "golfing will hurt your baseball swing." At least I know growing up I steered clear of the golf clubs, and instead stuck to footballs, basketballs, and hockey sticks. Well, after two seasons in a row of not exactly having the greatest baseball swing in the world, I've decided to give golf a try. For the last two years, golf has been something I have become more and more intrigued with, but have always thought of it as something I will play when I am done playing baseball and have more time to dedicate to it. I still plan on becoming a good golfer when my baseball career is over, but I've decided to start practicing a little during the off-season, at least while the weather is good enough to allow me. I have a tee time scheduled for Monday with a buddy of mine and went to the driving range last night to see just exactly how much I might embarrass myself in a few days. This will be the first time in my life I will attempt to complete 18 holes. When I was in single-A in Fort Wayne, Indiana, back in 2006, I lived on a golf course. One day a few guys on the team asked me to play nine holes with them. I told them I had never been to a golf course before and only had been to the driving range a few times in my life. They told me it was "no big deal" and if I could hit a baseball I could hit a golf ball. Well, to make a long story short, I decided to give it a shot, that was until my first tee shot destroyed a poor old ladies house. Now, I hear all the time,"don't worry, no one buys a house on a golf course and doesn't expect to have a ball hit at their house every now and then," and I totally agree with that statement, most of the time. The lady in the house that I hit probably felt pretty secure when she bought it considering it was almost exactly next to the 1st tee, one that not even Happy Gilmore could find a way to hit. My shot went straight sideways, hit her house, I jumped into my cart and gunned it towards the flag, acting as if I made the shot of a lifetime and reached the par 4 green in one. Thankfully no one was out on her deck, cleaning the gutters, or had decided to give the house a wash that day. I wasn't even given an opportunity to yell "fore", which would have made me feel at least a little more like an actual golfer. The ball went way to fast from the club to the house, I couldn't even get a "ffff" out before the damage was done. I ended up dropping a new ball somewhere near the green, and after about 9 or 10 shots to put the damn thing in the hole, I decided golf would have to wait. I am hoping come Monday my mind has totally forgotten about my bad golf experience. Either way, here is some footage I took of me hitting balls yesterday. It was actually a lot better than I had expected. The driver is about the only thing I had some success with so I'll save myself the embarrassment and leave out the iron shots. I went with a friend Athan Goulos who is also in the video. Athan is ALOT better than I am, and served as my cheerleader, while also helping with my technique. He is one of the top Long Drive competitors for his age in the country and played on his high school golf team as a 7th grader. Wish me luck on Monday, or just hope I don't kill someone.

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