Saturday, October 24, 2009

GOLF 101

Today, my buddy Nick SantaBarbara and I played 18 holes at the Sagamore Country Club in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, where I attempted to play 18 holes of golf for the first time. I left the course on Sunday realizing how hard the game of golf really is, but also knowing that I did much better than I expected. It is a little intimidating the first time you do anything, especially when that thing is golf and you know that you are not a very good player. I assumed I would definitely be the worst player there, but after a few holes of seeing some of the other guys on the course, I realized they had just as hard of a time with the game as I envisioned myself having. My first shot of the day was probably my best shot, when I hit a 3 iron straight down the fairway (I only used my driver on par 5's, which I think really helped out). My confidence was riding sky high until I pulled my wedge out of the bag and was introduced to the dreaded short game. It took me about four or five shots from 50 yards out to get on the green and then three puts to get in the hole. I probably would have had more success taking Happy Gilmore's advice and bringing my hockey stick instead of my putter. The rest of the day went pretty much the way you would expect. I made a few shots which made me think the game wasn't that hard after all, followed by shots where I hoped no one was looking. The success of the day probably came from the fact that I only lost three balls, after bringing 25 just to be sure. I finished the day shooting a 114, 34 over. Nick is also a beginner, but has been on a course about a half dozen times or so. He shot a 101 on the day. The videos below are of Nick and I on the last hole of the day. As you can see, playing while being filmed can add a little pressure to your game.

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