Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been out in Phoenix now for three days and am starting to fall into a routine that will stay somewhat similar for the next four weeks. The daily schedule during a day of Fall Ball is a lot different than a normal day during the season. Everyday involves a practice in the morning for about two hours before we start our games in the afternoon. We have practice Monday through Saturday, and games Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sundays are completely off allowing everybody to get a nice day of rest and relaxation and catch up on some football. The average temperature out here during this time of year is around 100 degrees and it really starts to wear on you as the week goes on. I've received a lot of questions regarding Fall Ball and what exactly goes on while I am out here. Most of our days go as follows: I wake up everyday at 6:30 a.m. and get ready to head over to the field. I eat breakfast at around 7:15 which is served buffet style. Our staff does a really good job of having all types of different foods for us during both breakfast and lunch. After breakfast I will get a quick fifteen minute stretch in and head out to the batting cage at 8:30 for a quick thirty minutes of hitting to loosen up for the start of practice. Practice starts at 9:00 and usually goes until 11:30. A typical practice starts off with a team stretch followed by some running and throwing to loosen up. We will usually go into a quick ten minute infield/outfield. We then break up by position and will work on specific defensive drills for about thirty minutes. Next, we will hit in the batting cage off of the batting tees and also soft toss, building our way up to batting practice on the field. At 11:30 we will head in to eat lunch, followed by the game at 12:30. Since I just arrived a few days ago I am not playing in games yet. At 12:30 I head back out to the field for extra hitting for about an hour or so. When 1:30 rolls around I go to our gym for a workout for about 45 mintues and then hit the shower. I'll typically get out of the field on non game days around 3:00 and on game days around 4:00. It seems like it would be a long day of baseball, but it really does go fast when you are running around all day.
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