Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today was our first game of the Fall Ball season against the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds minor league organizations. The league is set up a little different from your ordinary Fall Ball season. Each team is made up of two minor league teams, our team consists of the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. We traveled a few miles down the highway to play at the Cincinnati Reds complex in Goodyear, Arizona. It was nice to finally get out there and play in a game for the first time in a month and a half. I played nine innings at 2nd base and hit third in our lineup. I haven't hit third in a game since the summer of 2006, when I played for the Eugene Emeralds in the Northwest League. This year in Portland I started the season hitting lead-off, but also spent a lot time hitting in the nine hole. I know every spot in the lineup is just a number, but there's something about the top of the order that just makes you feel a lot better than the bottom does. I had a line drive single to center field in my first at bat of the game and added a walk in my next plate appearance, finishing the game 1 for 3. I actually felt a lot better at the plate that I thought I might, considering all the time off I have had lately. Your rhythm and timing is something that can easily be thrown off when you haven't played for a while. More importantly than getting hits, the at-bats in the games are used to test the mechanical changes of my swing that I have worked on in practice. Many of the changes, including creating more separation and using my hands to initiate my swing instead of my shoulders, have been improving over the last few weeks. I am happy that the first game went well and hopefully I will be able to continue making small improvements each day for the next few weeks.
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