Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What's up guys? Next Sunday I will be leaving for our spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona for fall baseball. I will be there from September 20 through October 17, practicing six days a week and participating in games four days a week. Fall baseball is always a good time of the year to practice on alot of things you are not able to work on during the season. It is hard during the regular season to really work on things because we play so many games. When the game starts you have to forget about the mechanics of your swing and just "see the ball". Having too many thoughts going on in your head at one time will lead to nothing but trouble. I learned this leason last year when I was struggling and tried to work on one hundred different things a day. Changes and adjustments made during the season should be more like adding band aids to your swing. It isn't until the off-season that you can perform the actual surgery. I have been hitting about every other day since I have been home, working on some of the mechanics that my coaches and I have gone over since the season ended. I have put a few videos up of me hitting with one of my buddies Alex Markakis. Whenever we hit, we start off with a few drills using the batting tee. We then will move back a few feet with some soft toss, followed by live throwing. The video work is done by none other than Jack Antonelli.

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